I have been attending the Cornerstone Church of Christ since 2011. I’ve been asked to give my thoughts about this church, and I have realised on reflection that as I look around me each Sunday morning, the thing that gives me the most pleasure is to see people of all age groups there. There is a ‘family feel’ about Cornerstone, and I believe it feels that way because of the interaction between old and young, and in between.

There is a very focused, dedicated and hardworking leadership team at Cornerstone, who provide great Biblical teaching and encouragement, pastoral care and programmes for each age group.

I know from my own experience that newcomers are welcomed, and encouraged to join a Connect Group. A Connect Group is a group of people who go to the church, who get together usually once a week to get to know each other, study the Bible together, have discussions, befriend and care for each other. I belong to two different Connect Groups, one of which I have attended since arrival, and which contains people now very dear to my heart. My husband comes along to the other one, and has also made new and wonderful friends who have become very dear to us.

Cornerstone is very mission-focused, both locally and in other parts of the world. This appeals to me greatly, as I am involved in Living Foundation, which runs a school in rural Zimbabwe and also teaches rural women skills which help them to improve their lives.

I love that my little grandson enjoys going along to Kid Zone (which we used to call Sunday School). He also enjoys coming into church and loves the music, with different talented music teams each week. There is also an upbeat coffee shop too (you can either buy a flash one or have a free instant one or a cup of tea served by a warm and friendly team each week). You can sit and chat in a comfortable and welcoming-looking area either inside or out to catch up with friends and meet new people between the two services.

Cornerstone has given me much, and I am very happy to belong, and to be able to help where I can as well. After all, it is my church ‘home’.

Suzanne Reynolds