Moving beyond Celebration to Connection

We love meeting together on Sunday but we can attend week to week and still not feel connected. Being a part of a Connect Group give us the opportunity to move beyond the celebration of the large gathering on Sunday into the connection of a small group during the week. It enables us to become a genuine part of the church body by coming together and building relationships in a face to face context.

3 simple goals

We have a range of unique groups that meet all week with all kinds of people, but all groups seek to pursue 3 simple goals.

1. Connection: Connect Groups are a key activity of our church that helps people find genuine connection with others.

2. Growth: Small groups are a great place to ask questions, dig deeper, and to apply the Bible to our everyday lives together.

3. Care: In a small group, there are opportunities to experience the give and take of being a part of a loving church family. Instead of trying to coordinate meeting individual needs as a church, we let the love loose by encouraging each group to practically do life together and care for each other.

Interested in finding a connect group?

Get in touch with us at the church office and we would love to discuss options with you.