David Bernabe

Youth Pastor

David started in the Youth Pastor role in 2017 after serving overseas in the Philippines for a number of years. David passionately believes that the Jesus Christ mentioned in the Bible is a real person and that everything Jesus claimed about himself, taught and promised is true … that He is worth following. That’s why David gets so excited when people, particularly young people, commit their lives to becoming Christ followers. What’s even better is when these Christ followers come together to invite and help others to become Christ followers. David’s heart for young people is so easy to see and he is excited to see God at work in our youth ministry.

David feels extremely blessed to have his beautiful wife Naomi and three wonderful children, Eliana, Daniel and Ezra to come home to at the end the day. If you like food, sports, music, movies, books, artwork and video games or taking a step back and being quiet, you’d probably be able to relate to David.

If you would like to know more about our Youth Ministry or are keen to get involved working with Youth, please get in touch with David … he’d love to hear from you!