At Cornerstone Church we value our families and love to create opportunities for parents to spend time in community together with their family. Along with the regular events that we run as Cornerstone Community like family BBQ’s and Sunday lunches at the Foreshore, we also run programs through the week designed to create connection points for families.

To keep up to date with family events being run at Cornerstone Church, please follow us on Facebook.

As part of our desire to support families we regularly run courses or events to support marriages and families, so please check out our Courses page for more information on any upcoming courses.


Playdate is an informal coffee and playtime morning for pre-school aged children and their care givers. Meeting at local parks (or in one of our classrooms during the wet weather) it is a great opportunity to meet other families, enjoy a coffee and spend some time creating memories with your children!

To get a copy of our park roster for this term or to find out more about Playdate, please call our office or you can contact us here.

Connect Groups

We believe the best way to connect with other families and build friendships is as a part of one of our Connect Groups. We have a number of Connect Groups that cater for families so please contact us here to find out how you can get involved.