Peter van der Laan

Finance and Property Manager

As the Finance and Property Manager at Cornerstone Church, Peter believes that God has called him into this role and that it is about more than just managing money … that we are meant to be a ‘good steward’ of everything we have been entrusted with.  This includes our finances, possessions, health, knowledge and skills. These are all blessings we receive from God and so should be used to serve within our church and the community.

In the past Peter has served as a Deacon, Elder and Church Member on the Cornerstone College Board as well as being a key part of numerous committees.  He is currently in his 18th year in the Finance and Property role for Cornerstone Church, and demonstrates his heart for the transformation of our region by serving as the Treasurer for a number of other churches and church organisations in the local area.

Peter and his lovely wife Mary-Anne (who is currently in her 17th year as a Teacher’s Aide at Cornerstone College) have regularly served in the church in a variety of roles and have a passion for seeing people changed by the saving grace of God.

They have been married for thirty years; have three adult children and four grandchildren.  Mary-Anne likes to read and involve herself in anything to do with children and craft, while Peter is a true sports ‘tragic’ … still playing football and basketball, and enjoys watching almost any sport on TV.

If you would like to talk to Peter about all things finance or giving, he would love to hear from you!