Our Vision

Our vision as a church is expressed as three exciting pictures of what we sense God is wanting to do.

The first picture starts with coming back to the simplest and core part of our church – we love to see Jesus change one person’s life, forever. Seeing one person receive Jesus personally and be on the journey of transformation to their potential in God is worth it all.  We encourage everyone to seek to be changed and help others be changed by Jesus.

We were never designed to do the spiritual journey alone. Pursuing Jesus means pursuing connections with others who have that same passion. A thriving church is one where people seek to be connected around this common passion, and where life and growth are generated through this coming together. We cannot change the world alone, it takes a community, a thriving church.

As a church we long to see God make a difference in our region through us. We want our community to know we are here and be thankful for it. We are blessed to live in such a naturally beautiful region. We desire to see the beauty and glory of God revealed even more as we seek to bring hope and life to the region in all kinds of ways, from the basic and practical to the deeply spiritual.

Our Logo
Cornerstone Logo

Being called Cornerstone, it is no surprise that our logo has the imagery of building blocks.
Jesus is the Cornerstone that God uses to build transformation at a personal, church and regional level.
The 3 ascending blocks represent our vision.

  • It starts with the red block, Jesus, who is the Cornerstone and foundation for a changed life.

  • The 2nd green block represents the church, people built together to become a thriving community. It takes a church bursting with life to transform a region.

  •  The 3rd blue block represents the region, the water of the Bay and the flow of God’s Spirit at work around us.

Our desire is to see transformation occur in our region as these changed lives and thriving churches come together in unity and action.